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Government & Utilities

Union County Government

Union County was created on Dec. 3, 1832, and is governed by a sole County Commissioner, who is elected county-wide and serves a four-year term. The Commissioner serves on a full-time basis and supervises all non-elected County Departments. For more information on Union County Government and Departments click on the Government and or Department tab on the main navigation header of this website.

City of Blairsville Government

The City of Blairsville is governed by a Mayor and five-person City Council, each who are elected city wide and serve staggered two-year terms. The Mayor is elected by city-wide voters and works part-time. All City Council members serve on a part-time basis.

The County Commissioner and the City Council hold regular meetings as follows:

Union County Third Thursday 6:00 p.m.
Blairsville First Tuesday 6:00 p.m.

State & U.S. Officials

Union County is located in:


Broadband Internet & IT Transport Services

Union County is served with robust, redundant and reliable fiber optic networks that provide outstanding broadband capabilities for technology-oriented business. IT services available locally include wireless Internet (802.11x), fiber-optic (Ethernet & SONET), DSL, various levels of broadband (T-1, T-3, etc.), and dial-up. Union County boasts multiple Certificated Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) providing middle-mile transport.Strong last-mile Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate within the footprint of Union County. Most of these networks can deliver VoIP, IPTV and other IT-based products. Union County providers offer middle-mile transport via redundant underground fiber to multiple POPs including Atlanta (56 Marietta), Chattanooga, Charlotte, and others.

  • BalsamWest FiberNet, LLC is a middle-mile transport provider offering open access to its underground, redundant fiber-optic (SONET) network with connectivity to several major southeastern POPs and multiple ISPs. BalsamWest is a privately-held company owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Drake Enterprises offering data transport at Atlanta and Washington, D.C. metro pricing schedules.
  • Blue Ridge Mountain EMC.NET is a major local internet service Provider (ISP) operating fiber-optic (underground and redundant), DSL, wireless (802.11x), and dial-up networks, and offering bundled middle and last-mile Internet services.
  • Windstream Communications (see "Landline" section above.) Other companies provide dial-up Internet service in the Union County area including Dnet and PeoplePC.

Electric Power

Electric power is distributed in Union County by the Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation, with headquarters in Young Harris, 9 miles east of Blairsville. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) distributor covering a 1,150 square-mile service area which includes three counties in north Georgia and two counties in western North Carolina. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is constantly expanding, committed to quality, low-cost electric service and offers a full range of electrical engineering and industrial energy management programs.


A site within Union County could be served by one of two primary water systems

Coosa 3 Wells 0.576 0.220 0.160 0.356
Notla Water Authority Lake Nottely,8 Wells 0.700 0.550 0.370 0.150
City of Blairsville 1.25 0.450 0.400 0.800


Sewer service is available within the City of Blairsville. Capacity is 0.4 MGD, expanding to 1.0 MGD.

Wireless (Cellular)

Excellent Wireless (cell) telephone service is available from either AT&T or Verizon Wirelessthroughout the Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Young Harris, and Hiawassee area. Numerous cellular towers serve customers in the area. Both providers operate sales outlets across the region.


Landline telephne service for Union County is provided by Windstream Communications, which offers direct-dial digital service and a DMS 100 switch located in Blairsville. Windstream Communications offers trained service technicians to maintain almost any business system sold. Windstream Communications cooperates with all other long-lines systems. Trunks and other facilities are available upon request.

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