Market COVID-19 Information

The Union County Farmers Market will open next Saturday, June 6th, at 7:00 a.m. Despite the COVID 19 outbreak we will open and are glad to do so. However, we are opening under different circumstances than ever before. Farmers have planted their fields and people need fresh produce. So, please come out and “Meet Us At The Market” with the following in mind:

The only items you will find for sale are agricultural related items and personal hygiene items. There will be no crafts or baked goods on opening day. Also, we ask that customers come to the market prepared. If you are sick or are not comfortable please stay at home. Please wear masks. It has been proven that wearing masks will protect you, our vendors and our staff.

You will also notice that all shopping will be done around the outsides of the buildings. Vendors have been asked to block the middle isles of each building by parking their vehicles in the middle isles. Customers can then walk around the outside edges of each building and still remain protected from rainfall. This procedure may be the most important item we do in addressing social distancing.

During this time we ask that you as customers do not handle produce. Many people like to feel of peaches and tomatoes. But, if you have the virus on your hands the handling of produce can spread COVID 19 to others. Therefore, look at items all you want. But, please do not handle the produce.

Also, the restrooms will be open and we will have a hand-washing station located on the grounds of the Market. Please wash your hands frequently. You will also find hand sanitizers at various locations. Please make use of these as well.

Another request that we have is for you to maintain social distancing at all times. Sometimes this is difficult, however, once again research has shown us that it is very difficult to transmit this virus if you are not close to another person. In the past the Union County Farmers Market has been a place for social gatherings. But, with the development of this virus we ask that you come to the Market and shop. It will be nice to see people. However please do not gather into groups for any length of time.

Please know that we are taking every effort to keep the Union County Farmers Market a place where you can feel safe while purchasing locally grown vegetables and other products.


There will be a CALLED MEETING of the Union County Commission on Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. in the Union County Courthouse located at 65 Courthouse Street, Blairsville, Georgia.

The purpose of this meeting will be to approve Resolution R-2020-13 re-appointing Susie Phillips to the Union County Board of Tax Assessors. No other business will be conducted.

Attendees will be required to wear a mask.