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2019 Vendors: C

Building C

Stall 63
Skeenah Valley Farm
Beans, tomatoes, squash, peppers,
potato, lettuce, kale, greens,
honey, bee hives & parts
Stall 65
Bella Luna Farm Goods

Bella Luna Farm website
Facebook page
Alpaca & Mohair products
Stall 67
Sangrit Enterprises

Fortified worm castings,
bagged & bulk
Stall 68
Hall's Creations

Crocheted dish cloths & towels,
handmade aprons
Stall 69
Matt's Farm Fresh Eggs

706-897-8057 or 706-897-9889
Eggs, tomato, beans, squash,
okra, berries, melons,
pumpkins & more
Stall 70
Chattahoochee Trading

Carpenter bee, custom signs,
rustic wood crafts & décor
Stall 71
Stoneware Pottery by Chris

Handcrafted baked good
& pottery
Stall 72
Off the Map Bees & Body

Off the Map Bees website
Facebook page
Bee based soaps & personal care
Stall 73
Deer Foot Farms

864-980-1616 or 706-781-2805
Frozen Beefalo Meat (USDA)
Stall 74
My Pop Pop's Nuts

Cinnamon sugar glazed nuts
cooked on site
Stall 75
Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards website
Strawberries, apples, fried pies,
apple cinnamon bread,
apple cider donuts
Stall 76
Crafts from the Master's Hand
Woodcrafts, needle felting, jewelry
Stalls 77/79/81
Smith's Produce

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra, squash, cabbage, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, basil, dill, other produce & plants
Stall 78
Lanny & Teresa Plott

256-572-4324 or 256-738-0217
Vegetables, embroidery items,
hot pads, bibs
Stall 82
Mijay's Designs

706-851-9214 or 706-851-9386
Custom knife handles,
tables, jewelry
Stall 83
Many Moons Farm

Naturally grown vegetables,
herbs & flowers

Stall 84
Pumpkin Hollow Crafts
Farm themed fabric items:
pillows, table runners, aprons,
fabric pumpkins & carrots
Stall 85
Hidden Creek Farm &
Goat Dairy
Fresh goat cheeses, goat milk,
honey, chicken eggs
Stalls 86/88
Skeenah Creek Farm

Beans, greens, tomato, potato,
okra, blueberries, corn, squash,
berries & more
Stall 87
Hwy 52 Kettle Corn

770-865-4792 or 678-480-1088
Traditional sweet & salty
kettle corn
Stall 90
Loy Cook Best I've
Ever Had Pork Rinds

706-897-8732 or 706-781-5833
Pork rinds

The Union County Courthouse will be closed through Friday, April 10, 2020 for professional cleaning due to possible exposure to COVID-19. The office will re-open on April 13.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but everyone’s safety is our utmost concern.