Adult Classes & Activities

The Union County Recreation Department provides a full calendar of FITNESS PROGRAMS for adults.  The newest seasonal calendar of fitness programs can be found HERE.  


With programs like Aerobics and Zumba, the Union County Recreation Department offers fun classes that accommodate every level of fitness from beginner to advanced. The Union County Recreation Department Fitness Family is overseen by Jennifer Becker, Program Director for Union County Recreation Department. Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education in 2007. She developed the Fitness Family program, beginning in March of 2017, and currently instructs Beginner Strength/Core, Advanced Strength/Core, Ballroom and Latin Dance classes, Regular Aerobics , and Chair Fitness Aerobics. She is also responsible for the indoor-outdoor walking program  and outdoor exercise classes.  

UCRD Dance Jams and Step-Aerobics instructor for the Fitness Family is Rachel Helton. She joined the Fitness Family in March of 2019. She is certified in Zumba and Dance instruction. She is a very enthusiastic instructor, who brings a positive attitude to each and every class.

New instructors to our Fitness Family are Lisa Waldrop and Norma Wiles! Lisa instructs our popular Zumba-Latin combo class, which is a high-impact cardio class. She comes to the Fitness Family from Florida, where she not only taught multiple classes, but also was involved in many community service projects for her area, with the assistance of her dance classes. Lisa holds her certification in Zumba and Dance.

Norma Wiles is our fabulous Beginner Yoga instructor! She has been a member of the Blairsville community for several years and is certified in multiple levels of Yoga study. Norma is a wonderful person who will definitely allow you to work at your pace, and have you very relaxed at the end of a class!

All instructors maintain current CPR/First Aid/AED certification through the Red Cross.

What is aerobics?

Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines. The goal is to improve all elements of fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It is usually performed to music in a group setting and led by an instructor.

With the goal of preventing illness and promoting physical fitness, participants perform various routines comprising a number of different dance-like exercises. Formal aerobics classes are divided into different levels of intensity and complexity. Aerobics classes may allow participants to select their level of participation according to their fitness level.

Our Fitness Family Classes are designed for persons 50 years of age and up. Currently, we offer the following classes in our Fitness Family program:

Regular Aerobics- (Medium/High Impact)  This is a low cost fitness class designed to increase cardiovascular health. Regular aerobics is a medium/high impact level exercise class impacting the heart and lungs. Instructor will take participants through a variety of exercises to upbeat music using hand weights (up to 3 pounds) for a portion of the workout, as well as exercises aimed to increase flexibility. Classes are two-three days a week for approximately one hour.

Step-Aerobics- (High Impact)  This is a low cost fitness class designed to maintain good cardiovascular endurance and respiratory health. Classes use a 4 or 6 inch portable platform designed for high impact fitness. Music is upbeat and quick to get the heart rate to a person’s target zone. This class is not for beginners due to the intensity of the workouts! Classes last approximately one hour, and we offer this class in the AM or PM sessions for two-three days a week. 

Chair-Aerobics- (Low/Medium Impact)  This is a low cost fitness class designed to begin increasing heart and lung health, as well as flexibility. This is a beginner class that performs exercise from a chair, fitness ball inside a stability core, resistance bands, and hand weights. Instructor will use fun music of different types for this class to help motivate participants to have fun while beginning to increase cardiovascular endurance, upper body strength and flexibility. Classes last approximately 45 minutes for two-three days a week in the afternoon.

Dance Jams- (Medium/High Impact) This is a low cost fitness class that is designed to increase cardiovascular endurance. If you were a fan of Jazzercise, then this class may be for you! This class is very similar to Jazzercise, but with a modern twist to it. Instructor uses a wide mix of modern music and past music choices to make this class alot of fun. Classes last approximately one hour, and this class is currently offered in the AM and PM sessions for two-three days a week.

Beginner Strength/Core class- This is currently our most popular class. This low cost class is designed to slowly introduce the participant to exercises designed to increase muscular strength in the upper and lower body, increase flexibility, and work on balance. The class uses fitness balls that sit inside a stabilizer core, and the resistance bands attach to the sides, which are 25-30 pounds total. Class sizes are limited right now, and start up every 12 weeks. Classes are two days a week and last for approximately 45 minutes.

Advanced Strength/Core class- This  low cost class is designed to help participants maintain muscular strength and flexibility in the upper and lower body. (You must complete at least one full 12 week session of beginner core before being allowed to enroll in the advanced class.) Participants continue to use the fitness ball with resistance bands in more advanced exercises and Pilates type exercises, as well as exercises off the ball using the fitness mat. Flexibility is increased in this class, which allows for better range of motion. Classes are currently three days a week for approximately 50 minutes.

Yoga for Beginners- This class will be added to the Fitness Family beginning in the Fall 2019 Session. This low cost class is designed to help participants improve their overall health and relaxation by using techniques for breathing control, meditation techniques, and  different positioning on the yoga mat. This class can also help with flexibility. Class size will be limited and will last for approximately 50 minutes two-three days a week.

Line Dance- This is a fun class that will be added back to the Fitness Family beginning in the Fall 2019 Session. This low cost class is designed for participants that enjoy dance choreographed in lines that use one wall, two wall, or four wall styles. Music is mostly country, but some line dances use modern music and instructor will also choreograph line dances that will be new for the participant to enjoy and learn. Classes will be two days a week for approximately one hour.

Zumba- (High impact) This class is designed for cardiovascular fitness, using mostly Latin American style of music. The instructor will take you through dances that will have you moving those hips and entire body, burn calories, learn coordination, and have fun while doing all these things! This class lasts approximately one hour and currently only in the PM session on Monday night and AM session on Saturday mornings. Keep a watch out for upcoming AM classes during the week days!

Indoor/Outdoor Walking Program- If you thought walking was boring, think again! Walking with this program is fun, and allows the participant to meet other people and socialize while exercising at your own pace! This class is offered outdoors in the Spring and Fall and indoors for the late Fall and Winter months. Outdoor classes walk at Meeks Park trails two-three days a week, and indoor walking goes from November-March here at our gym. Indoor walking has you moving to fun music choices designed to increase your heart rate using different intervals for approximately one hour for three days a week. This is a free program that the Fitness Family offers!

Outdoor Exercise Program- This program is for the summer mornings. Participants go out to Meeks Park II and will learn how to properly utilize the fitness equipment there with instructor. Participants will learn how to develop good workout habits by meeting independently after the first few weeks with the group to work out on the equipment designed to work on cardio, upper and lower body. This program is free, and participants usually attend two-three mornings a week.

Summer Water Aerobics- This is a summer program that is offered at Meeks Park Pool. This class is designed as a fun workout in the water. This is generally easier on the joints and movement for individuals participating in this class. Classes may use the pool noodle, water weights and general movement in the water for these workouts. Classes are three mornings a week (M/W/F) during the summer (weather permitting) from 10-11 AM. Drop in for a class or sign up by the month for a cost-effective workout.

**We are now offering Pickleball ! Look under the News tab for more information.

**You can check out some of the fitness classes in the video clips below.

The Fitness Family groups also meet once a session (12 weeks in each session) for a social event! This allows for our participants to socialize with other classes in a fun atmosphere filled with laughter, good home cooking, and music! This is part of what makes our Fitness Family unique and special. We have pictures of our past social events for you to check out as well.

For questions regarding the Fitness Family programs, please contact Union County Program Director, Jennifer, at 706-439-6074. Office hours are from 8-4:30 Monday-Friday, closed for lunch from 12-1.

Registration Forms: Registration forms for each session need to be filled out directly at the Union County Recreation Office located at 310 Wellborn Street in Blairsville. Next registration for the Winter session of classes will begin on November 4, 2019. Winter class schedule will be posted before sign ups.