TSPLOST - Town Hall Meeting Recording and Notes.

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Alcohol Licensing

Anyone interested in applying for an alcohol license should first consult the
Union County Government Alcohol Ordinance.

New Alcohol License Application Packet – To apply for a new Union County Alcohol License, please print and complete the packet in its entirety.  Questions regarding the licensing process should be directed to Jennifer Mahan, County Clerk, Secretary to the Alcohol Board.  ucexec@uniongov.com and 706-439-6000.

Fee Schedule


Sales Reports are due from each licensed establishment on January 30th and July 30th of each year. 
Please use the appropriate form for the type of Alcohol License your business has.

Sales Report by the Drink

Sales Report by the Package

If distilled sprits are sold, excise tax should be remitted to the Union County Commissioner’s Office using this form.

Distilled Spirits Excise Tax Report

If you do not have an alcohol license and you would like to have a temporary special event where alcohol is sold, read the section of the ordinance that pertains to this and then complete the below form.

Temporary Special Event License Application


Alcohol Board Meeting Schedule for 2021

January 12 ~ February 9 ~ March 9 ~ April 13
May 11 ~ June 8 ~ July 13 ~ August 10 ~
September 14 ~ October 12 ~ November 9 ~ December 7


TSPLOST - Town Hall Meeting Recording and Notes.

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