Message from Union County Tax Assessor's Office:

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911 Mapping/Addressing

76D Hunt Martin Street
Blairsville, GA 30512
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
Director: R. David Dyer
Lieutenant: Amelia Baxter
Addressing: John Pickelsimer
Phone: (706) 439-6056
Administrative Email:

Road name and addressing policies, rules and information:

  • New road names must be submitted to the E911 Administrative office.
  • The E911 Mapping Personnel will review new road name requests and advise you if approved.
  • New road names that are direct duplicates of existing road names or un-common spelling of road names will not be allowed under any circumstances.


To avoid delays please consider these tips:

    • Be as creative as possible when thinking of road names.
    • Avoid common names such as Tree names: (Oak, Maple, Pine, etc.). Names with “Lake” or “River” are common and therefore poor choices.
    • Family names such as Jones Rd or Smith Ln are generally not a good idea. Property often changes owners and new owners will be inclined to try to rename the road.
    • Submit three (3) choices, a first, second and third choice.


Why are addresses so important?
An accurate and easily visible address is vital for rapidly locating a home or business in any emergency requiring fire, life, and/or safety services. It also promotes efficient mail and parcel delivery to businesses and residences. During construction, an address that is posted where it can easily be seen also speeds up the inspection process.

When should I request an address?
Once you have received your building permit, you may request an address any time after the driveway has been installed.

How to get address or street name information:
For address information, call the E911 Administration Office at (706) 439-6056. Be sure to leave the applicant’s name and telephone number.

What if an address is incorrect?
It is very important to have an address corrected as soon as possible. Incorrect addresses can cause confusion, inconvenience, and life-threatening delays in emergency response times. In some cases, an incorrect address can affect response time for adjacent addresses as well. To get an address corrected or to verify the accuracy of an address, call the Administration Office at (706) 439-6056.

Where will my address marker be posted?
It will be posted before the driveway in clear visible site.  Marker is initially provided by the County.

General Rules for Addressing:

    • Structures on the right sides of road receive even numbers.
    • Structures on the left sides of road receive odd numbers.
    • All new addresses are based on GPS mileage from the start of the road.

Please understand that our purpose in developing these policies and procedures is to provide effective and efficient information to emergency responders. Our purpose was not to make it difficult to obtain road names and addresses. Life and death emergencies are measured in seconds. Accurate address information can mean precious seconds when life and property are at stake.



Message from Union County Tax Assessor's Office:

The July 31st Board of Assessor's meeting has been moved to July 24th due to scheduling conflicts.