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Adopt-A-Road Program & KOMB

What is the “Adopt-A-Road” Program?

Adopt-A-Road is a litter prevention program sponsored by the North Georgia Resource Management


Authority (NGRMA) and Keep Our Mountains Beautiful (KOMB) and the County Commissioner to attract public involvement in cleaning up litter along the County’s roads and highways.

Litter along county roads has reached an epidemic stage. Keeping our roads free from litter is a very time consuming and expensive operation for the county. This program has gained attention and it is becoming a major part of the Keep Our Mountains Beautiful volunteer network.

Who can Adopt-A-Road?

Any civic-minded organization, such as civic clubs, youth organizations, school groups, businesses, or individuals, etc., can adopt a stretch of county road (one-mile minimum) in their community.

What are the responsibilities of an Adopting Group or Business?

Through such adoption, an organization, group, or individuals would have responsibility of controlling the litter problem within their section of county road. In addition, the organization will:

  • Develop a functional plan that will influence and encourage the public to improve the appearance of their adopted road;
  • Plan a general clean-up at least four times a year;
  • Assist the Keep Our Mountains Beautiful (KOMB) program in securing media coverage and publicity for the program;
  • Coordinate with the county’s personnel to carry out the plan.
  • Submit a clean-up STATUS REPORT after each clean-up event.

What are the responsibilities of the KOMB Program and the Code Compliance Officer?

The KOMB & County Commissioner will provide:

  • Two signs indicating the section of road under adoption and the name(s) of the responsible party;
  • Media coverage to inform the public of the program; and
  • Assistance by department personnel and project coordinator in carrying out the overall plan

Are there safety precautions for volunteers?

All organizations will conduct safety meetings with volunteers to discuss the dangers of working along the side of the roadway. The Commissioner’s Office will provide safety vests, if available, and traffic control signs for use during the cleanups.

What is the Objective of “Adopt-A-Road”?

The objective of the program is to create public awareness of the litter problem along the county’s roads by making the adopted section of the road an example of community involvement that improves the beauty of the area through volunteer efforts.

How does a group or organization Adopt-A-Road?

  • Any interested group should contact Abby Young at the Union County Commissioner’s Office at (706) 439-6000.

Keep Our Mountains Beautiful (KOMB) “Adopt-A-Road” program requirements:

  • All adopting organizations must sign an Adopt-A-Road program agreement
  • The Commissioner’s Office will have final approval of all routes adopted and approve date and time of litter pickup. ( ex: no state highways, holiday or after dark pickups)
  • Adopting organization must adopt a minimum of one mile.
  • Adopting organization must pick up litter at least once per quarter (four times a year).
  • Adopting organization must advise the Commissioner’s Office at least three days prior to litter pickup.

County Commissioner will furnish:

  • All Signs
    • Men Working signs for day of pickup
    • Adopt-A-Road Sign
    • Organization sign
  • Orange Safety Vests will be provided, if available, on a loan basis
  • Code Compliance Officer
    • To furnish information on roadside safety prior to litter pickup
    • To coordinate distribution of vests
    • To coordinate erection of all signs

Adopting organization:

  • Civic, non-profit organizations or individuals
    • Participants must be at least 12 years of age
    • If under age of majority, must have written parental consent
  • Commercial organizations
    • Cannot display any product I.D.
    • Cannot display address or phone number
    • Cannot display any product or service reference
    • Organization sign to be used only with parent sign
  • All organizations must be approved by the County Commissioner for the Adopt-A-Road program.
  • Must complete Adopt-A-Road status reports and forward to Commissioner’s Office after each pickup.
  • If adopting organization fails to perform satisfactorily, it will be removed from the Adopt-A-Road program.


  • Commissioner’s Office will advise and assist with safety, as it deems necessary.
  • Commissioner’s Office advises adopting organization to:
    • Carpool to pick up litter if possible to keep vehicles to a minimum
    • Park vehicles clear of roadway
    • Keep work groups to a manageable size
    • Closely supervise youth groups
    • Don’t remove any hazardous materials
    • Don’t pick up items on bridges, tunnels or overpasses
    • Stay clear of construction areas
    • Hold safety meeting with group before litter pickup
    • Don’t pick up litter during bad weather, after dark or during peak traffic hours
    • Beware of possible contact with poisonous plants, stinging insects, fire ants and snakes
    • Consider the possibility of any participant’s known allergies before litter pickup
    • Don’t allow participants to partake of, possess or distribute alcoholic beverages while involved in litter pickup for Adopt-A-Road
    • Make participants aware that they are working in a potentially dangerous environment and caution them to act accordingly

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