Union County Canning Plant

283 Farmers Market Way
Blairsville, GA 30512
Phone: (706) 439-6043
Email: cannery@uniongov.com

ATTENTION:  Cannery extends season for two additional days.  We will be opening on November 7th and November 14th for the 9am-11:45am session only. We will have 10 appointment slots available for both days.

Appointments:  Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Appointments will be scheduled in two different time slots: 6am-8:45am and 9am-11:45am. Appointments are timed so please do not bring more then you can do in your assigned time as time limits are set and cannot be extended.

About:  Union County Canning Plant is a community cannery for home/personal canning only, you do the canning and we do the processing.  Union County Canning Plant is not for certified for commercial use and canned products may not be sold.

What to bring: Jars, lids (USA made such as Ball or Kerr), bands, product to be canned and all ingredients.

Cost:  30₵ per pint  •  40₵ per quart

  1. Schedule your day/time by calling or emailing the Canning Plant. Appointments must be scheduled prior to noon the previous day.
  2. Upon arrival, fill out the 2022 Registration Form. The first time you come in, sign in at the next available number. This is your number for the year.  When returning, you will use this same number.  In case you forget your number, a list will be posted for your convenience.
  3. Go to the table you are assigned. Please remain at your assigned table as much as possible and out of areas that have been designated off-limits.
  4. YOU prepare your product.  If your product needs steaming/cooking, please signal a staff member who will cook/steam your product and return it to you.
  5. Place jars upside down in small baskets for sterilization and signal staff member who will sterilize and return jars to you.
  6. Write your registration number on lids (with Sharpie) and immerse your lids in hot water.
  7. YOU put your hot product in hot jars.
  8. YOU put lids/bands on your jars and signal a staff member they are ready to be processed.
  9. Clean table and any Canning Plant equipment used before leaving. Also take any personal items (including canning boxes) with you.
  10. Return after designated time to pick up and pay for your product.
  11. Fill out envelope, place exact amount inside envelope, seal and place in collection box.

All Policies & Procedures are subject to change

Check out this great video on the Union County Canning Plant: Canning Plant Video